The shop Nati x la camicia begin by a joint venture between Daria and Xacus.

Daria combines her long standing experience in selling together with the historic company Xacus, located in S. Vito di Leguzzano (VI), which guarantee the winning proposal of the home-made shirt produced with the high quality fabrics made in Italy.

The shop opened in Corso Garibaldi 11, in the center of Padua, and after six years only, the location had been moved to civic 19, obtaining higher visibility and taking a place near to the most known Italian brands.

Daria began her working way in fashion word when she was 18 years old, she carried on as a shirt shop manager to come to the point to open her shop “Nati X la camicia”.

Starting with the shirts, she introduce fashion knits and accessorizes for man and woman of the best qualities of made in Italy.

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Address: Corso Garibaldi 19, 35122 Padova | Telephone: 0039 049 876 6769