Bettinitessile is the sales agency specialized in fabrics, accessorize and garments, in the North Italy area. At the beginning of the year 2007, Roberto and Matteo started the Bettinitessile project which is evolving day by day. Now on the team is made by Roberto , the pull for the team, as the main competent and established agent in the Veneto area since 1970, Matteo which follows the business step by step and ready to act upon the market requests; and finally M. Giulia which is the commercial head of the staff. The partnership between them guarantee the perfect introduction to the clients and the best knowledge of the products. The Bettinitessile team work to follow the fast moving market, standing out for the professional ethics and the great partnership with the clients.

Our Team


Roberto Bettini

Mob. +39 348 2632822

He was born in Tuscany but had been adopted by Padua, he carries out  his job speaking like Francesco Datini and his characteristic tenacity


Matteo Bettini

Mob. +39 349 4921677

He ended I.T.I.S. Giulio Natta – gradueted as clothing technician. He started his work experience in clothing contest, following the quality control of the garments he got the possibility to travel around the word and work for the most important manufacturing. On end of year 2006 he stops and say “YES” to the agency Bettinitessile!


Daria Cavicchi

Tel. +39 049 8766769

She is “Natia X la Camicia” – the shop


Maria Giulia Bettini

Mob. +39 340 4202402

She was born in Padua but had been adopted by Tuscany, she is the commercial head of the team.